Sunday, 18 May 2014


Well,hello there
I want my first post to be interesing and special.But let's be honest, in order to be a good blogger I have to tell you what this blog is about.
Since I was just  a little girl I really enjoyed visiting art galleries with my parents and to read books and encyclopedias which include everything about everything.Now,when I am older,I attend Institute of Art.
I have a great opportunity to express my own opinion about different events in classes.But why can't I do the same on the internet?
So here I am writing this strange introduction.In the future you'll read different reviews (let's name it that way): not only about art events in my city and things that some of you find boring,but also about movies,music,internet events,travelling and EVERYTHING that is interesting for me(and,hopefully, for you).
In addition I'll post photos.I am a firm believer that photography is the best part of the blog post,that's why I'll try to make as many as possibl—É.
Yep.That is everything that i wanted to inform you about.
Thank you for you attention.Hope you'll be a part of me journey


*I'll try to improve my blogging abillities so I really could be blogginglikebeyonce
**and,yes,I am a big beyonce fan if you're wondering.