Tuesday, 22 July 2014


A few weeks ago I've visited the 2nd International Philatelic Exhibition. «ODESSAPHILEX-2014».
So here you get some photos from this event.

Odessa International Film Festival 2014 / Day 4 & 5

Quick review
I guess, this is the film that I liked the most at the festival.
The idea as for me is very interesting : the boy came to live at his brother’s place for a while and soon they decided to find the musician that has changed their thoughts about music and poetry with only one music tape .
All of the characters are clear and truthful. You'll find here drama and comedy.
Also it’s black and white. How awesome is even that?

The last film of day 4. It was so fun to watch. The name of the picture is telling you about the beginning of the story but you will be surprised by the middle and the ending of it.
Easy and surprising at the same time.

If you enjoy watching films with lots of symbols that may bring you to the director’s message,then this one is definitely for you. Lots of beautiful sceneries and lots of interesting interpretations.

This movie is about girls ,who works in administration office in the army of Israel .
I know, you think that you’ll get to think a lot about things and this is a hard movie about the true army life.
But actually it’s not. I mean, it’s not as intense as you think. Actually this movie is more of a comedy, which opens up girls' problems in the specific area.

The last film of day 5.You’ll see the life of the immigrants in New York. The way they’re trying to fit in the new society and to deal with their everyday issues.

Then we've met the director and the co-writer of "Welcome Home".

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Odessa International Film Festival 2014 / Day 3

Quick review

And again I saw a big amount of silent scenes in the movie. But I liked simplicity and minimalism. Guess, I have to start watching more works in this sphere( if I can say so). Because  thoughts ,that I do not see obvious things in this kind of films is following me for a very long time.

This one was sooo good. I think I will watch it again soon. Very funny, very talented and very unexpected. It will show you real life of women, or more specifically, French women (of course…).
If you’re searching for something easy but interesting to watch in the nearest time,this is definitely what you need.

Second French movie of the day. I liked the idea of the scenery in the movie, which knowingly exaggerate the atmosphere between the characters. Also I’d like to say that i've enjoyed how actors perfectly opened up the main  traits of each one in the script.
Not a typical comedy, but ,for sure, intriguing one.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Odessa International Film Festival 2014 / Day 2

Quick review 

#1 BLACK COAL,THIN ICEMaybe I do not have enough experience. But as for now, I  wasn’t satisfied with what  I’ve seen. While watching I was thinking about when the finishing credit titles are going to pop up. Everything is developing too slowly, characters do not speak a lot (which sometimes is a good thing, but not in this situation) and as for me, the ending was too obvious.*And again, maybe I have to be more into this kind of films in order to understand. But for now I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed.

This one is telling you a story about a man, but then you understand that the leading role is not important without the supporting one. And that's the time when you realize what this movie is about. The thing that made me feel the whole mood of the picture is , of course ,the music.

And it is alway great to hear director's thoughts about his work.

The film by Uberto Pasolini was very nice and also quite sad, but that what made the movie so special. The scenery/locations are simple and beautiful. And the main character is indeed the most significant thing that helps you think* about life.

*You know ,when you see the movie and it makes you cogitate about philosophy of your life,your future  and so on for the very long time,so you can’t relax. Still Life is not like that. It's deep.But you will leave the cinema with no need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. At  least that it was with me.

#4 BLACKMAIL /silent movie

I am a HUGE fan of Hitchcock. So I couldn't miss this open air screening. The music was playing live, which is one the best things about this event (To be honest, I sometimes did forget that there is an orchestra under the screen). Warm summer evening, great movie and live music. Sounds quite perfect.


Friday, 11 July 2014

Odessa International Film Festival 2014 / Day 1

The first day of Odessa International Film Festival has started and I have to admit that I am way too excited about it.
The first event is the opening ceremony,of course.
It is important to know that this year OIFF red carpet is not held in the usual location but still there was a lot of people near Festival Palace.

Later in the evening I watched first of the many Stephen Frears movies from 'Tribute To Stephen Frears' list, which was shown at Langeron Descent. Open air screenings,I think, are very important.People are enjoying the art product and sharing their emotions while being outside,not just sitting in the room.

Also the director visited this event (how awesome is even that?!).His speach wasn't too long ,but I am sure he has made the audience fall in love with him (and everything he does) already.And it was so nice to hear him saying that Odessa is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Now let's talk about the movie.
This is the latest Stephen Frears' work (2013).And it was shown in the movie theaters,I think,but the whole atmosphere makes you feel like this is the very first time you see the film.Half and an hour seemed like 5 minutes to me.Even though you are getting a lot of information you are still into the action of the scene, you are still worrying about all the characters and still trying to think about their future steps.
The main focus of the 'Philomena' is on the religion. I don't want to say that this makes the movie more serious or more specific in some way.The humor is helping the viewer to feel more comfortable about the topic, which is very hard to do sometimes.
Judi Dench and Steve Coogan were perfect.
The music is beautiful and not too intrusive or catchy.
Everything together made my evening.I enjoyed every second of the screening.
Such a nice start of the festival. Looking forward to day 2.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Gesheft Garage Sale Weekend

So all I did on this weekend is walking around Gesheft Garage Sale in my city. GGS happens once in a season.  I really do love this event because you see a lot of creativity. If you search for a place where you can find inspiration,this is exactly what you need. Atmosphere is warm. People are kind and full of new ideas. Food is delicious and music is keeping you in the positive mood. And,of course, there are lots of different items that you, for sure, would like to take home. I've noticed that as soon as I leave Gesheft  I am already looking forward to the next one.