Friday, 11 July 2014

Odessa International Film Festival 2014 / Day 1

The first day of Odessa International Film Festival has started and I have to admit that I am way too excited about it.
The first event is the opening ceremony,of course.
It is important to know that this year OIFF red carpet is not held in the usual location but still there was a lot of people near Festival Palace.

Later in the evening I watched first of the many Stephen Frears movies from 'Tribute To Stephen Frears' list, which was shown at Langeron Descent. Open air screenings,I think, are very important.People are enjoying the art product and sharing their emotions while being outside,not just sitting in the room.

Also the director visited this event (how awesome is even that?!).His speach wasn't too long ,but I am sure he has made the audience fall in love with him (and everything he does) already.And it was so nice to hear him saying that Odessa is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Now let's talk about the movie.
This is the latest Stephen Frears' work (2013).And it was shown in the movie theaters,I think,but the whole atmosphere makes you feel like this is the very first time you see the film.Half and an hour seemed like 5 minutes to me.Even though you are getting a lot of information you are still into the action of the scene, you are still worrying about all the characters and still trying to think about their future steps.
The main focus of the 'Philomena' is on the religion. I don't want to say that this makes the movie more serious or more specific in some way.The humor is helping the viewer to feel more comfortable about the topic, which is very hard to do sometimes.
Judi Dench and Steve Coogan were perfect.
The music is beautiful and not too intrusive or catchy.
Everything together made my evening.I enjoyed every second of the screening.
Such a nice start of the festival. Looking forward to day 2.

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