Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Odessa International Film Festival 2014 / Day 3

Quick review

And again I saw a big amount of silent scenes in the movie. But I liked simplicity and minimalism. Guess, I have to start watching more works in this sphere( if I can say so). Because  thoughts ,that I do not see obvious things in this kind of films is following me for a very long time.

This one was sooo good. I think I will watch it again soon. Very funny, very talented and very unexpected. It will show you real life of women, or more specifically, French women (of course…).
If you’re searching for something easy but interesting to watch in the nearest time,this is definitely what you need.

Second French movie of the day. I liked the idea of the scenery in the movie, which knowingly exaggerate the atmosphere between the characters. Also I’d like to say that i've enjoyed how actors perfectly opened up the main  traits of each one in the script.
Not a typical comedy, but ,for sure, intriguing one.

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