Monday, 14 July 2014

Odessa International Film Festival 2014 / Day 2

Quick review 

#1 BLACK COAL,THIN ICEMaybe I do not have enough experience. But as for now, I  wasn’t satisfied with what  I’ve seen. While watching I was thinking about when the finishing credit titles are going to pop up. Everything is developing too slowly, characters do not speak a lot (which sometimes is a good thing, but not in this situation) and as for me, the ending was too obvious.*And again, maybe I have to be more into this kind of films in order to understand. But for now I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed.

This one is telling you a story about a man, but then you understand that the leading role is not important without the supporting one. And that's the time when you realize what this movie is about. The thing that made me feel the whole mood of the picture is , of course ,the music.

And it is alway great to hear director's thoughts about his work.

The film by Uberto Pasolini was very nice and also quite sad, but that what made the movie so special. The scenery/locations are simple and beautiful. And the main character is indeed the most significant thing that helps you think* about life.

*You know ,when you see the movie and it makes you cogitate about philosophy of your life,your future  and so on for the very long time,so you can’t relax. Still Life is not like that. It's deep.But you will leave the cinema with no need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. At  least that it was with me.

#4 BLACKMAIL /silent movie

I am a HUGE fan of Hitchcock. So I couldn't miss this open air screening. The music was playing live, which is one the best things about this event (To be honest, I sometimes did forget that there is an orchestra under the screen). Warm summer evening, great movie and live music. Sounds quite perfect.


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